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Break the itch cycle!

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By stopping the itch, the entire cycle won't happen. Healing can begin.


Organic meets Technology

Its small size and powerful effects versus the amount needed mean you can use it whenever you want, anywhere to put a stop the itch cycle.

Completely Steroid Free

Unlike steroid creams, our cream does not cause long-term damage to the skin or cause blindness when applied to eyelids.

Unique Formula

This is a unique formula that stops extreme itching more effectively than any other mainstream product, due to its tailored ingredient composition for stopping the C nerves.


Powerful ingredients

It took us years to develop this product. We put 20 years of experience with problematic skin into it.


We use a special surgery grade Lidocaine that comes from Korea and is often used for tattoos. It’s very powerful.

The cream combines two powerful ingredients together: a powerful local anesthetic at high strength (Lidocaine), as well as the main active ingredient in Aveeno products, the colloidal oatmeal.

Our Lidocaine grade is far more powerful than other products on the market (such as mosquito cream). It immediately tranquilizes the area, whilst colloidal oatmeal eliminates the allergic reaction. The dual effect creates an anti-itch effect that is unmatched.


Frustrated with Eczema reappearing?

It is also perfect for areas where Eczema is so itchy nothing else works. You know, the places where even touching it slightly will make the Eczema worse. E.g Eyelids, Neck, Face, Genitals, etc.

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It's not just what, but HOW.

At Stopitchy we understand treating skin problems is not just what products, but HOW you use them. Thats why we provide extensive educational resources for each and every scenario.

  • Eczema Diet

Identifying The Problem

We have articles on figuring out what particular kind of Eczema or skin problem you have. Which area? How serious is the problem?

Hand Techniques

How exactly do you use the product? When? This matters. We have articles and videos on how.

Support for Every Area

Each area of your body has a different skin structure, we advise and suggest you what products and how to use them on each part.


What our people say

Don't just take our word for it. : )

After the birth of my second daughter I developed eczema on my elbows and knees. It was so itchy and irritating. I tried so many different creams but nothing gave a long term effect. Until I found Stop Itchy! It works to stop the itch immediately. Once that itch is gone you can begin to heal, I love everything about it but I'm sure my favorite part is it being steroid free, something that works and is safe for you! It doesn't get better than that! Thank you!
I had eczema on my face for years, I used stopitchy and I am exceptionally happy with the results. I’ve tried a whole range of different skin products over the years and stopitchy is by far the most effective.
Jane Gerry
Jane Gerry
Stop Itchy as the name implies actually works on itchy skin. This is the only anti-itch cream that have worked for me. I stopped itching almost immediately as soon as I applied the cream to the affected area. The cream is feels hypoallergic which I like because my skin react to harsh chemicals. This is a great product. I just had to order another one again. I would definitely recommend to any one with eczema or other similar skin problem or even if it is a bug bite.
Paya Hunter
Paya Hunter

Stopitchy today!

If you can stop scratching, you can start to heal and look better, and put an end to people judging you for scratching or having red, flaky skin.