How to Stop Eczema Itching – a Long Sufferers Perspective – Part 1

lidocaine for itching example

How to Stop Itchy Skin – A Direct Solution

Hello from Khemcorp. I am speaking from the experience of somebody who has suffered chronic strong endogenous eczema for more than 2 decades.

When I was young I had to get steroid injections every month, or sometimes twice every month just to keep my eczema under control. There was nothing that taught me how to stop eczema from itching.

So I decided whilst this website exists, it could do no harm to sharing some advice that could save people a lot of pain from itching down the line. A pain I dealt with for almost 18 years before I had some relief.

Of course, if you are reading this – you probably know that doctors don’t really know how to deal with eczema because dealing with real difficult eczema takes years of trial and error.

Steroid creams deal with inflammation, they do not deal with the constant itching, at least not immediately.

The problem of the itch cycle is that scratching triggers the further release of histamine, it also destroys the skin barrier leaving it inflamed, and more prone to itching and open to infections.

The increased inflammation leads to more scratching and thus the cycle continues, which is why the itching area tends to expand (we will get to how to solve this area problem in another post)

Ironically what we are trying to scratch is underneath the skin anyways, so what we are trying to do is scratch the nerves underneath the skin and thus damaging the entire layered barrier in the process.

One of the biggest “sufferings” of eczema in my view is that deep underneath the skin itching that no scratching or steroid seems to reach.

There are lots of options out there for moisturising the skin barrier, and replenishing emollients. The Aveeno Eczema Treatment cream is pretty effective for mild itching and is highly recommended when applied thinly in a manner which will not cause too much exfoliation (thus ripping off healthy skin as well).

The Obvious Anti Itch Medicine

lidocaine for itching example

However a year back I stumbled upon a revelation that is so simple it almost seems stupid. You see I was on a business trip in Korea and noted how easy it is to get cosmetic surgery it is there, they can do a simple operation within 10 to 20 minutes, and do it while you are awake?

Awake – I said to myself… and then it his me. An idea on how to stop itchy skin.

Why has no doctor thought of using safe topical anaesthesia for Eczema, the answer is that doctors just do what they are told and anesthesia/surgery is not related to Eczema so it makes no sense to link the two.

But THEN Lidocaine is readily used in anti-itching formulas for Mosquitoes bites. It is an extremely safe and one of the essential medicines in the WTO list.

So I thought well what if you used Lidocaine cream at 10% from Korea, it was easy to get because they are so far ahead in cosmetic alterations and just applied it to itching areas. And it worked!

Within seconds, any strong eczema itching has subsided or disappeared.

A doctor would say blasphemy to using a local anaesthetic for Eczema, why would you use an surgery med for a not so terrible skin disease (in their complacent view anyways).

If you think about it perfectly makes sense.

Lidocaine cream remove the sensation from the nerves in your skin, and the nerves dealing with inflammation is what is creating that burning itching feeling.

Even an expensive formula called Emla with 5% Lidocaine cream works effectively.

To understand how effective this is versus moisturising and steroids, it is crucial to understanding that when lidocaine is applied topically in strong enough doses, you can cut without incurring pain.

It doesn’t solve the underlying problem causing eczema such as genetics, diet, allergies, inflammation or even the need for eczema sufferers to constantly maintain the emollients on their skin barrier and keep clean to lessen the existence of infectious bacteria.

How to Stop Eczema Itching with Lidocaine Cream for Eczema

Here is the trick, you only EVER apply cream to places where it itches. I developed a strategy for this. Put a blob of about two peas on one finger tip, and then transfer the blobs to all 10 finger tips. Now go on and scratch the cream into exactly where it is itching. This strategy is much more effective because it makes sure the cream gets to all the areas that are in fact itching (sometimes it not easy to tell), it also stops you applying the cream in areas that are fine.

Being less itchy clears your mind. I think it’s worth it even if this technique has no apparent immediate cosmetic benefits.

– Thoughts from Khemcorp

Disclaimer: All thoughts and advice expressed are the personal opinions and gatherings of the author and do not constitute medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice please consult a doctor.


  • Natasha Reply

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for this article! Yes, it is like you are trying to scratch at the nerves underneath the skin! No one understands the sensation unless they’ve experienced it first hand, and it is maddening. I am going to have to try this out, because if I can stop scratching I see the skin starting to heal and that’s the first big step to getting better from this condition. Thank you!

    • Joey Wong Reply


      Sorry I haven’t been working on this website so I just saw this. Let us know how it goes – I don’t think my writing is great so if there is anything confusing about it please shoot me a message.

      Best regards,


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