Ultra Moisturising Coconut Cream 100g



Product Description

Searching for a solution to dry Eczema-like skin? Tried many off the shelf products that don’t seem to work?

Many off the shelf products don’t work because they often contain a cost effecient mixture that uses the lowest active ingredients possible for the maximum profit.

As you know, many of these big name products are plain ineffective despite the promises and dermatologically tested claims. This is because they are big brands, so they cut ingredients knowing people will buy it anyways.

This ultra-moisturizing coconut cream from Thailand, has far higher levels of coconut oil than other products, plus many other helpful ingredients for itchy skin. It is designed for dry skin only and nothing else.

It is incredibly effective for dry and itchy skin caused by Eczema and related skin disorders.

By hydrating and restore the skin barrier, you stop the barrier-breaking up. This stops the severity of each flare up. By solving this problem, you will be free of distractions and you can focus on your real goals in life, instead of just feeling the annoying dry and itchy skin.

Recommend areas: Eyelids, joints, neck, anywhere ultra dry skin is happening and normal moisturizers are failing to penetrate the skin as an emollient.

Tips: For skin areas that are not very dry and fragile, this cream should be mixed with a much lighter lotion or cream.

  • Extremely high virgin coconut oil content.
  • Pure and effective emollient.
  • Cost efficient eye area and eyelid cream. (No more expensive eye creams!)
  • Research shows coconut oil is an extremely effective emollient, meaning it hydrates and replenishes the skin barrier superbly.
  • High in medium chain triglycerides, one of the few known natural sources of lauric acid.
  • Product of Thailand, where coconuts are harvested.

Research References

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