Do You Have Infected Eczema? – Scary Symptoms to Spot

infected eczema

What is Infected Eczema?

Our skin is a finely balanced ecosystem of bacteria, and Eczema increases the risk of disrupting the ecosystem causing something called Infected Eczema, this is also known as a Staph Infection.

At any given time there are a health amount of Staph bacteria on our skin, but Eczema, which via scratching breaks the skin barrier as well as introducing bad bacteria from the nails we use to scratch, disrupts the ecosystem on the skin and increases the risk of getting a Staph Infection or Infected Eczema. Eczema also increases the chance to get other types of skin infections as well.

In all cases infected Eczema is to be taken seriously because not only is your Eczema infected, it also means your skin barrier is now compromised and the infection is likely traversing in your blood and to other parts of your body, which may become dangerous, or at the very least make you feel very very sick.

The Signs to Watch Out For

Here are the signs to watch out for INFECTED ECZEMA

The thing about infected eczema is its UNBELIEVABLE FUCKING itchy, nothing you throw at it will ease the itching – normally scratching strongly will provide some relief, but this Eczema doesn’t even sedate even after long long extended periods of scratching, this is one of the first signs. Especially if its MORE ITCHY than even your normal Eczema skin

Bumps and blisters appear, more than normal and they are in a larger area than normal, spread out red dots, bumps.

The itching spreads to new area whenever you scratch another area, and then new blisters and bumps appear there as you are transferring the infection.

The itching will not go away for what seems forever, and your whole body feels itchy in places where there isn’t even usually Eczema.

Most importantly the bumps and blisters appear in round, coherent shape and spread over a certain area, it deceptively do not look like an infection at first. Be very wary of this.

If you get this, you may have infected Eczema. I get this at least once or twice per year.

What Do You Do? How to Treat Infected Eczema?

The thing is you will FEEL IT before any doctor will diagnose it as an infection, because only you know its different.

Go to your doctor and tell him or her that you have many of these infections and you can spot them a mile away, and that your last one grew over a quarter of your body. You need ANTIBIOTICS FAST.

This isn’t a joke, this infected Eczema will SPREAD if left untreated, to a quarter of your body covering it in close to hundreds of blisters and bumps, all extremely itchy. Imagine showering with that. It’s absolutely TORTURE,

You need ANTIBIOTICS fast, the quicker you get the antibiotics the worst the damage will spread, and the faster the infection will be contained, don’t let your doctor bullshit you into waiting until it looks like a real infection. Usually they will prescribe Flucloxacillin.

Personally, I don’t trust doctors to prescribe so I buy antibiotics from the liberal Hong Kong pharmacies to get them in my body the moment I see the infected eczema.


I had the infected Eczema spread a few times in my life, and I can guarantee you it is absolutely some of the worst experiences possibly you will endure and a human can endure, your normal eczema will seem like a luxury when you have popping itchy spreading blisters all over your body.

I can also guarantee you waiting it out is stupid because that’s what I did initially, thinking my body will eventually overcome it, it didn’t instead it grow to more than a quarter of my whole body.

I remember having to work whilst feeling insane itching all over my body with the blisters going up to my neck, and having to go to the bathroom to open my clothes to clean the infection and put anti-bacterial cream on it, but having to sterilize my hands every god damn action because I worried the infection will spread even more.

So you need Antibiotics prescribed, this is your well-being, you could get fired from work for being unable to function or have to take sick days off. Screw the whole antibiotics resistance world problem. The problem comes from them using massive amounts on farm animals, which is what is generating the resistances. It’s not like 1 eczema sufferer not taking a general purpose skin antibiotic is going to make a difference.

Also remember to take the full course of antibiotics, if you don’t the infected eczema will come back with vengeance, don’t think it’s gone because you can’t see it.

If you address it early, the infection WILL NOT spread, you will experience less itching (which is indicating the antibiotics are working), and you can squash this infection before it tortures you for a month.

People with chronic eczema will get these infections due to a compromised skin barrier. Be vigilant about any suspicious itching thats constant and worst than the normal kind.

I am not a doctor and the above advice is from personal experience only, please consult a doctor as soon as possible if you suspect you have infected Eczema



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