How to Get Rid of Eczema On Face

how to get rid of eczema on face

Face is the most sensitive part. It is also the most embarrassing part to have Eczema on.

It really really doesn’t help that Eczema on the face is ironically one of the hardest areas to deal with for various reasons we are going to discuss.

how to get rid of eczema on face

I’m sure there are other bad parts to have Eczema on but talk about “face value” or how people judge you, like you have some kind of contagious disease (which it is not). It is absolutely the most socially annoying Eczema to have 100%.

It is absolutely the most socially annoying Eczema to have 100%.

This is a frustrating and infuriating area to have Eczema.

Especially if it is around the eyelid, check our eyelid article out if it is eyelids specifically that is your problem.

Why I think it’s the worst area to have Eczema on

– There is always that self-conscious feeling of knowing there are blotches of red, flaking or hideous looking dry spots on your face. That every time somebody looks at you, they see the Eczema before they see ANYTHING ELSE.

– You can’t hide or cover it, at least with other forms of Eczema it’s not highly visible or you can cover it up.

– Often the Eczema on the face is a terrible cycle between “almost” getting rid of it, and then it comes back full force as red spots, itchy and flaky.

– It’s very unattractive and socially devalues you. I know you can be “zen” about it, but let’s face it I am a dude and even I don’t want to go to a party with Eczema patches on my face, and I consider myself pretty nonchalant about my appearance most of the time.

– Hyperpigmentation is most obvious on the face, as well as scarring, so you really don’t want to be stuck on the cycle for this area.

– It’s an invitation to “What’s up with your skin” questions…”Is that Eczema…oh my niece has that too”…Yes thank you for bringing up this problem I would rather people not focus on.

What do I do to treat Eczema on the Face?

To treat Eczema on the face, you need to be very very patient with face Eczema healing.

The key is patience. I know when we talk about “get rid of”, we want to think instantly. Well we sure want to get of it as fast as possible.

Let me explain – If you get frustrated and lose your patience and rub or irritate it, it will come back quicker than the lover who had a “one it is” on you.

The healing tends to take a long time on the face, it’s not as durable as other parts of the body. Evolution has made the skin in other areas far tougher.

The skin on the face is thing and sensitive, this means to way to get rid of eczema on the face is to treat it as you would care for a baby.

The key is to avoid rubbing completely. Any minor rubbing will re-trigger the Eczema. Even rubbing doesn’t feel like it should retrigger the Eczema, it does because you are putting new bacteria there, and skin on the face is just sensitive enough.

Rubbing is a big reason why the Itch Cycle and Eczema cycle is so hard to get rid of on the face.

I Can’t Stop Rubbing Because It’s Itchy

Yes I heard you. Stop rubbing sounds easy, if it wasn’t so itchy.

Actually I am serious. I had this habit of rubbing my face constantly because I had Eczema on my face for maybe like 1.5 decades.

What the itch does is it triggers the habit of rubbing. But we can stop the itchy.

Wait hold on – I thought thats not possible for bad Eczema. Actually yes it is. And I discovered how to do it.

Colloidal Oatmeal in small amounts and Lidocaine cream in high strength. See I figured out that you could use the same ingredients people use in Korea for surgery and tattoo parlors to basically numb the skin. I also knew Colloidal Oatmeal works, but too much and it causes the skin to start exfoliating.

So I made my own cream. It pretty much stops the itch.

Anyways enough shilling my own product – you can get by with the tips in this post, and when they work for you but you can’t get rid of those “insane itchy frenzies”, then you can check out our cream.

Actually stopping the itching isn’t the only thing. There is an inflammation issue underneath the outer skin and it’s causing the Eczema cycle.

You can end the cycle by waiting it out naturally, but in I like medical interventions. I will tell you the secret weapon for face Eczema (the pharma method).

Use Protopic (Tacrolimus), but the secret key is very very thin, squeeze a tiny amount up (finger tip blob) on your palm and DAB on it with your ring finger like a painter would. All medical creams are extremely powerful on the face, this is why they prescribe weaker steroids, anything more will disrupt the skin on the face.

In my experience avoiding medicine entirely is a sure-fire way of failing to treat Eczema, natural solutions need to be used together with medical solutions. One of the ways to quickly end the cycle is indeed creams like Protopic. Using too much medicine is also a surefire way to make your Eczema way worse and never treat it properly.

^ When I was young this cream didn’t even exist until it got invented, the other option is steroids which is terrible for the face. So count yourself lucky!

How do I prevent Eczema on face coming Back?

Moisturise A LOT (and I mean A lot), moisturize when you wake up, after your shower (very important) and before you sleep.

Avoid aggravating products and make-up, if the current make-up isn’t working find something that does.

FIX YOUR DIET. Stopping the itch does not help you internally, the Eczema is likely intrinsic and come from an inflammation reaction in your body.

If the it is contact Eczema, obviously avoid the irritants.

Again be very patient, and the key is to stop itch before you rub it, if you don’t get anything else from this article just get this again:

The key is to stop the itch before you rub it! Once you rub anything on the face it instantly triggers the Eczema to come back, even just one rub is enough.

Why you need to get a handle on face Eczema now

If you can treat face eczema you can hugely improve the quality of your life, in terms of how people see you (shallow I know), and not having to frigging rub your face all the time whilst trying to be a normal human being.

When your skin keeps getting scratched, the new skin that comes out will be a different often darker tone. This is called hyperpigmentation. It takes a long time for the hyperpigmentation to be fixed, hyperpigmentation comes from the regeneration of skin after damaging it from Eczema, and leaves an uneven skin tone.

Cosmetically annoying, Eczema can make a person look a lot more ugly than they should, many Eczema people suffer years of embarrassment. Myself included. The skin when under the assault by eczema will be red, flaky, itchy and even wrinkly

Over a long period of time, scarring occurs, and the skin is more older looking and wrinkly than comparative age, this is because of the cycle of scratching and the skin regenerating. The face is the first signs of aging to appear, so if you keep having Eczema on your face, you will look older than your actual age.

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