Eczema On Penis – Everything You Need to Know About Penile Eczema

eczema on penis

Despite the fact that it can be painful, annoying, and embarrassing to many people, eczema on penis is not a dangerous health condition. It can be horrendously, I mean serious horrendously itchy, and once you start scratching this area of Eczema it can feel really really good, which only makes it worst as scratching perpetuates the itch cycle.

This is because of the sheer amount of nerves in the penis, so the same reason why sex feels so good, is why Eczema on the penis feels so overwhelming and irritable.

The condition, likewise known as penile dermatitis, might be due to contact with an allergen or an irritant. It can also come from endogenous Eczema where the allergy causes a allergic reaction from the inside (blood circulation). Penile eczema may easily be managed, however, it might lead to further infections or even looked after properly.

A man who finds a rash on his genitals, must likewise be assessed for sexually transmitted diseases, as they could manifest with techniques comparable to dermatitis. Both primary types of contact dermatitis: sensitive contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis. Both are due to contact with both an allergen or an irritant.

There are various things that might act both as a nuisance and an allergen – from latex useful for making condoms to deodorants and compounds utilized in soaps. With regards to penile eczema, even the fabric softeners useful when intimate washes can trigger a response.

Penile dermatitis may be present on both the shaft as well as the glans. The skin reddens or becomes lighter in guys with darker complexions. A rash develops on the affected region, generally followed by itching or painful sensation. The skin becomes dry, might become scaly, and occasionally, blisters develop. All this and more may cause significant pain and discomfort from rubbing the eczema skin if attempting to have sex while having a breakout.

Depending upon the location of the infection, it can cause discomfort when urinating. If scratched, the skin in the affected region might break, that might cause diseases and further distress. A moderate case of penile eczema will often disappear completely on its own when you remove the reason, so there’ll be no requirement for a medical course of treatment.

What do I do? Eczema on Penis

Stopitchy’s own cream is particularly effective for this area of Eczema, since the itch is often so overwhelming that simply moisturizing is not good enough. Its surgery grade chemicals immediately relieves the screaming of millions of nerve endings in the penis.

Moisturize the penis often using Eczema creams, especially if its dry and flaking, do it when you wake up in the morning and after shower at night. Don’t use anything too thick as penis skin is thin and thick creams can make it more uncomfortable with underwear.

Cleaning is VERY IMPORTANT. Some people think avoiding washing the Eczema is a good idea. This is a big mistake, excessive bacteria on the skin makes the Eczema worst and worst. Since normal shower soap will likely dry out or irritate penis Eczema. A good recommendation for a product is Cetaphil’s Cleanser which is fantastic and also leaves a nice protective layer after washing. You should aim to wash at least once every 24 hours and thoroughly too.

If treatment, a doctor might prescribe steroid creams which are utilized to deal with inflammation and itching. In case the eczema leads to an infection, antifungals really are utilized to deal with fungal infections, and antibiotics are useful if the infection is bacterial.

This implies no further prolonged bathrooms, regular change of underwear after sweating, and it’d be best to avoid having sex till the condition subsides. Hydrate the skin – Dry skin can be an issue when having penile eczema, and it must be dealt with by maintaining the skin hydrated. Bathing rules – When bathing, it’d be best to avoid perfumed soaps as well as warm water.

What if it’s not Eczema on Penis? It’s possible.

There is always a chance it’s not Eczema on Penis, if this is a one off occurance there is a chance it might not be Eczema on penis at all.

Penis distress as a result of irritation, redness, discoloration and itchy skin along with other rash like symptoms may be due to an extensive variety of different conditions. Various sexually transmitted diseases may cause rashes as symptoms on the penis and crotch region. If a rash appears after latest sexual contact consult with your physician. STD’S – Various sexually transmitted diseases may cause rashes as symptoms on the penis and crotch region. Chlamydia and herpes zoster can cause rash like symptoms in some people. Can be combined with release, blisters, fever, sores or a burning sense. Treatment – a medical doctor may conduct a STD screening test and recommend medicine needed for treating any specific infection.

Infection – Impetigo is an infection from bacteria. Bacteria may affect your skin through a small cut or scratch. Scabies is a kind of parasitism that may infect your skin if you’ve been outdoors. If penis skin was exposed to with a poison oak, ivy or sumac you might expect redness and irritation. Symptoms – Redness, swelling, honey coloured, crusty blisters or sores. Treatment – Your doctor can conduct a screening examination and prescribe medicine needed for treating any particular infection. Penis skin Problems – Acne vulgaris, eczema, psoriasis or seborrhea dermatitis can cause a rash to reappear on a daily basis.

Weather may also cause rashes along with other skin problems as a consequence of drying of the skin. In some people skin problems, like acne outbreaks, can be brought on by stress levels. Symptoms – Rash like appearance, dry and flakey skin. Treatment – For repeating rashes along with other skin problems consult with a general practitioner or physician.


  • Bhavesh Modi Reply

    This is the first article i read which match similar with my problems. This problem is nearly from 8-9 years. – i have changed many doctors. Finally lst one come to know that it is not fungus but eczema. Give a tube have some relief, but not permanent cure. Still after a few days, it is back again. I m fed up. When i wake up in morning, itching is very severe, more some times, it also occurs in day times. But i found, that due to severe itching, it makes me feel masturbate to do .and after that, i m somewhat relieved. Than for sake of relieving itching, i jst do masturbate. I don’t what is the connection that makes me relieve after masturbate. I want permanent solution. More, about allergy, as per my local jst blood test. I m too much allergic. From dust, butter milk, from tea, lemon, almond, peanuts. Too much. This r the thing which i generally use. More, i often goes for morning walk. And i m allergic to pollen too. I m fed out with this itching on my penis. And that off snezzing too. Itching is almost now become part of daily life. Sneezing also same story. Doctor says it is allergic. Take medicine allegra – m. Till medicine, its ok, but after medicine culprit r coming back. I m fed up sir, pls give me permanent solution of curing from culprit called eczema, allergy.

    • J Wong Reply

      There are two facets to treating Eczema, firstly you need to treat the immediate problem, this can be done with moisturizing emollients, anti-itchy creams and so on. Secondly, need to treat the underlying cause, you need to identify whether internal things like diet is causing your Eczema, or whether it is the external environment like, dust, bacteria, allergens etc. Hope this helps. You can always contact me directly at with questions. : )

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