Dyshidrotic Eczema Diet – 2 Secret Culprits Few People Realise

dyshidrotic eczema diet

I have done heaps of research regarding food sensitivities and allergies. It’s a very complex subject because it’s so individual. It MATTERS because changing diet can potentially rid you of your Eczema.

Many doctors and pediatricians actually never bring up allergies, nor the fact that one way to treat Eczema without medicine is to simply modify the sufferer’s diet.

For a long time steroid cream was my doctor’s answer. “This is nothing, just apply this cream” he would say while scribbling on his notepad. “Is there something else I can try?”. He would just give me this blank look and say “Just put the cream on and it will be fine.”.

We know how that went – the Eczema would go away but come back worst, with more thinning and drying skin caused by the steroid cream.

The doctor wasn’t helping me find the source of the problem. After changing my diet, the Eczema that had plagued me for decades started clearing up.

In medical talk, this is called preventive care. It seems very simple, but many people feel diet changes doesn’t help them.

So what is the secret?

There is a lot of misinformation out there, advice based on rumors, fads, superfoods, incorrect information.

The secret is trial and error, with guidance from other sufferers.

The truth is there isn’t one diet that’s going to work with everyone, there is only a consensus. Things like only eating organic or vegan isn’t going to help everyone. For example some people like myself are allergic to beetroot and beetroot is in a lot of vegetarian meals. A friend of mine Sarah, is allergic to strawberries.

So each diet plan is individual, you have to work out what works and what doesn’t work. Eliminate things and see if your Eczema get’s better.

People with Dyshidrotic Eczema are desperate to treat Eczema naturally but have no idea where to start.

For many dairy is the culprit of Eczema. For many people with Eczema simply avoiding dairy keeps the Eczema away.

For me eating a lot of cheese doesn’t affect me, but drinking a lot of milk does (Yes I tested this by drinking a GLASS of milk EVERYDAY).

All Eczema including Dyshidrotic Eczema is caused by inflammation. Changing your diet may eliminate the source of your Eczema.

Gluten and highly processed foods is the secret culprit behind many unsolvable cases.

A good starting point for a Dyshidrotic Eczema diet plan is our Eczema Diet Plan article.

I know, it sounds like a big lifestyle change. Which is why I take a cheat day and eat what I want over the weekend on Saturday usually.

Having a kitchen completely free of certain foods (such as dairy) is a good way to eliminate any temptations. If you really want to cheat yourself you can always buy it when out on the street.

Eliminating the foods from your kitchen keeps you one more step away all the time.

You are probably cringing at the idea of eliminating certain foods. I did too for a long time, the Eczema isn’t worth it. Now I have done it, I can never go back. I have cheat days and that keeps me sane.

Often a lot of food have alternatives these days. There are coconut based faux cheeses for example.

Remember every time you get “triggered” by certain foods, it will make the existing Eczema even worst.

So how does Dyshidrotic Eczema Diet differ?

Dyshidrotic Eczema is a particularly painful type of Eczema. The difference is you have to cut diet even more severely than people with normal Eczema.

Eat Alkaline foods if possible, there is a good amount of evidence this will work. This particular form of Eczema is too painful and torturous to not go all out in terms of diet.

Cutting out Gluten and Dairy are a MUST TRY. These are the two often culprits. And you have to cut them out CLEAN. Any tiny bit of the two will not allow you to know FOR SURE that you are not allergic to these two.

Doing intermittent fasting will be a good way to lessen the impact of whatever your diet is doing.

Remember Dyshidrotic Eczema like all Eczema exists in cycles. It either progressively gets better or progressively gets worst. The extreme diet may not be needed forever.

There is almost overwhelming and conflicting information on the internet, so if it’s possible and affordable, do investigate with your doctor.

The sweet ending to this story is once a body has the allergen is eliminated from the diet, sometimes the items can be reintroduced! This is because your skin will be completely repaired over time. Eczema often starts silent and get progressively worst with each allergy trigger.

This is not something to be done for severe life threatening allergies like peanut, fish or severe gluten allergies.

Is there something with Dyshidrotic Eczema we have missed out in terms of diet? Let us know below in comments.


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