Stopitchy Anti-Itch Tech-Organic Cream 30g


  • -Techno-Organic Product Combines Powerful Beautician Grade Chemicals with the Best of Organics.
  • -Concentrated Colloidal Oatmeal Enhanced with Maximum Strength Lidocaine.
  • -Instantly Stops Itching.
  • -Made in Korea. Completely Steroid Free.
  • -Proprietary Formula Not Found Anywhere Else.


Over the years I went through numerous Eczema products, from the most famous to unknown brands.

No matter what they claim, they all fail to stop itching. They helped a tiny bit, but when it came to the torrent of super itchy Eczema, all the products I tried were useless.

This is why I designed the Stopitchy Anti-Itch Cream for myself to specifically to stop the intense, scratching frenzy of Eczema.

This isn’t a moisturizer, this isn’t a nature bred product. It literally targets the nerves and numbs them. It’s anti-itch at its most powerful as possible full-stop.

Itching is caused by the excitation of the C nerves. The Stopitchy Anti-Itch cream simply directly targets the nerves, ending the cycle.

How did I figure out how to do this? By combining two extremely effective anti-itching agents at the opposite ends of the spectrum. I call this techno-organic.


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The cream combines a powerful local anesthetic at high strength (Lidocaine), as well as the main active ingredient in Aveeno products, the colloidal oatmeal together.

This is a unique formula that stops extreme itching more effectively than any other mainstream product, due to its tailored ingredient composition for stopping the C nerves.

We use a special surgery grade Lidocaine that comes from Korea and is often used for tattoos. It’s very powerful.

It is completely steroid free, and unlike steroid creams does not cause long-term damage to the skin or cause blindness when applied to eyelids.

Frustrated with Eczema reappearing? It is perfect for areas where Eczema is so itchy nothing else works, and even slightly touching it will make the Eczema worst. E.g Eyelids, Neck, Face, Genitals.

Its small size and powerful effects versus the amount needed mean you can use it whenever you want, anywhere to put a stop the itch cycle.

Lidocaine at 10% is far more powerful than other products on the market (such as mosquito cream). It immediately tranquilizes the area, whilst colloidal oatmeal eliminates the allergic reaction. The dual effect creates an anti-itch effect that is unmatched.

If you can stop scratching, you can start to heal and look better, and put an end to people judging you for scratching or having red, flaky skin.

If you can stop scratching, you can start to heal and look better, and put and end to people judging you for scratching or having red, flaky skin.


Colloidal Oatmeal: 3mg
Lidocaine: 105.6mg
MethyParaben: 1.5mg
Stearyl Alchol t0.0mg
Isoproply Myristate 50.0mg
Polooxyethylated 40 Hydrogenated Caster Oil 30.0mg
Proplene Glycol 100.0mg
Carbomer 940 4.0mg
Methyl p-Hydroxybenzoate 1.5mg
Ethanol 25.9mg
Sterilized Purified Water 613.8mg

CCP and GMP approved from Korea FDA

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Stopitchy Anti-Itch Tech-Organic Cream 30g